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Video Game Love

Because I've been having a lot of feels for games recently. I thought I'd make a list and maybe rant about some games. Because I haven't done that for a while. So list of things I love from games.

-the creepy atmosphere of being underwater
-the little sisters with their dark history and innocence in the chaos of the city
-Brigid Tenenbaum with her tragic past, mistakes and attempts at atonement 
-50's style music and dress and atmosphere
-the importance of choice
-Tenenbaum's accent
-the fun combat 
-taking pictures for research 
-audio logs
-arriving at Rapture for the first time
-the music
-having a hand that shoots bees
-being a good person
-big daddies with their little sisters
-saving little sisters
-wanting to hug little sisters
-Tenenbaum and her adopted kids
-that awesome chameleon tonic
-the rooms the little sisters lived in
-Mamma Tenenbaum

-Chell and her never ending determination 
-GLaDOS and her smugness
-Chell's refusal to speak
-Chell and GLaDOS teaming up
-Cave Johnson's speaches 
-GLaDOS realizing Chell is her best friend
-GLaDOS and her power
-feeling smart after solving puzzles
-Aperture itself
-Chell being smart enough to solve all the puzzles
-the music
-GLaDOS' songs
-Chell always being 'still alive'
-potato GLaDOS
-BIRD! Kill it, kill it!
-the humour
-GLaDOS talking to the testbots
-Infinite Apertures
-Infinite Apertures Cave's 
-Chell and GLaDOS being the only characters in the first game
-waking GLaDOS up 
-Wheatley being a moron

Fallout 3 + NV
-the ability to create your character
-the music
-the 1950's style of everything
-rpg elements
-being good and helping others 
-Begin Again, let go
-Joshua Graham and his dark past, fall from grace and redemption 
-My various Lone Wanderer's and Couriers 
-Three Dog, Mr. New Vegas and Tabitha radio stations 
-the varied and fun quests
-kids at little lamplight 
-coming up with headcanon for your characters
-dlc enders in F:NV
-speech checks
-the humour
-wild wasteland perks like the granny's
-crying at Jame's death
-helping people let go
-there was old world blues and new world hope and hope ruled the day at Big MT
-the details in the world itself
-getting to play as a female hero
-the worlds lore
-the vaults and what you find inside. they were never meant to save anyone
-the brotherhood of steel, even when they are jerks
-bottle caps as money
-that emotionally exhausting vision quest

Mass Effect
-Commander Shepard being a woman and saving the galaxy 
-the music
-being a good person 
-crying my eyes out at the deaths
-love interests
-creating back stories and head canon's for my Shepards 
-being brave because Shepard is my role model
-adorable A.I 
-making a family out of a group of misfits 
-the Citadel dlc
-space hamster 
-paragon and sometimes renegade interrupts 
-maternal krogan feels
-the humour
-sniper rifles and head shots
-helping people and making a difference
-being a hero

I'm sure there's more I could add. I'm never good at getting all my thoughts down so they make sense. Especially when it's ranting about something I love. I could go on about how Fallout and Mass Effect are two important aspects of my life, I love them that much. Or that Portal is my favourite female centered video game and Commander Shepard will always be female in my minds eye. Or that the 50's element of BioShock and Fallout scare me more then they should. How the emotional stuff in Fallout and Mass Effect always make me weepy and hopeful, and how they and BioShock make me want to be a better person.

See, a bit of a mess. I love these games and they are important to me. I want to do better because of them. They make me want to be a better person and to never give up. 

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