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Commander Shepard Everyone

Birthday fic for Dee


 Commander Shepard, first human specter was currently using her time hunting down Saran productively by hanging upside down on the side of her bed in her quarters on the Normandy. Well she was trying to clear her head of the latest nightmares but it seemed like nothing else would work so why not? Like that had never gotten her in trouble before. 

" Commander Shepard?" 

She'd apparently been so busy concentrating that she'd missed the knock on her door. The door opened and there was an upside down Quarian in her view. That was odd, Tali's visit to her room not the upside down part. Though speaking of which she should probably turn right side up as she was pretty sure there wasn't supposed to be two of Tali in the room. Yup, she had definietly been upside down too much.

"Hey Tali." Which is what she meant to say but it came out more along the lines of "Hey Ta....ahhhh!" As she lost her balance and fell on the ground.

"Shepard!" Tali seemed to view that as an reason to rush over to make sure she was alright. While Shepard just wished that she didn't blush so damn much. Genetics, got to love them until they sucked.

"I'm fine, Tali. It's nothing new." She managed to righten herself with a smile to laugh it off as she got up.

"You normally hang upside down on your bed and fall off?" 

Shepard rubbed the back of her head slightly. "Ah....yes? Not that last bit though. I'm usually better at getting back up. It helps me think.....was there something you wanted Tali? You don't usually leave the engineering core."

Her obvious attempts to switch the conversation away seemed to work for the moment as Tali started talking about a recovery the landing crew had made. Shepard nodded along as she tried to pay attention as the blood flowed back into her head and the dizziness subsided.


Damn, apparently a little too obvious. Tali was fidgeting now and was continuing to talk. "If you're too busy I can come back later, or if you want you can come down to talk to me in Engineering. I noticed that you don't talk to many people in here so I wasn't sure if it would be against some human custom to..."

"Tali, it's fine. You can visit me as much as you want." Shepard reached over to put a hand on the woman's shoulder. "I was just a bit dizzy that's all. Drop in whenever you want okay? You don't even have to have a reason. I go down to talk to you guys all the time after all."

Tali seemed ....flustered? It was still hard to tell with the Quarian. "Ah...I'll be sure to do that Shepard. I just wasn't sure what the rules were on a human ship and I didn't want to impose."

Shepard smiled at that. There was just something endearing about the woman that she couldn't quite place. She just knew that she enjoyed spending time with her. "Tali, I've known you for a short period of time but trust me, you will never be imposing on my time. Visit whenever you want alright? I always enjoy talking with you."

"Oh...I...Thank you." The flusteredness was still there for some reason but Shepard just put it down as Tali being Tali. "Um, well I should be going anyway ...I'll ...see you later Shep...Commander."

"Just Shepard is fine." Shepard said, moving her hand she hadn't realized she'd left on the woman's shoulder. "Why don't we go to the engineering deck and you can tell me more about the probe. I think I need some more air after that fall.....which never happened if anyone asked. Especially Joker."

Thankfully Tali laughed at that. "Don't worry Com..Shepard. Your secrets safe with me. Though I'm still not sure why..."

"I'll tell you more later." Shepard replied, though she'd used it as a brush off to people in the past she had a feeling she was going to be telling Tali at least a little more of the truth about her dreams. Tali seemed like a good listener. "But later. Come on, let's go see if Garrus has fixed the Mako yet before we look at the data." 

She looped arms with the Quarian and left her room and dark dreams behind her as she goaded Tali into telling her some stories of what happened on the Engineering deck when she wasn't there. In involved less Krogan headbutting then she'd been lead to believe.