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Muse List

2001: A Space Odyssey
HAL 9000: [personal profile] duetohumanerror

Addams Family
Wednesday Addams: [personal profile] childofwoe

Adventure Time
The Lich : [personal profile] beyondstrength

Agatha Christie
Miss. Marple : [personal profile] mindlikeasink
Mr. Harley Quin : [personal profile] mysteriouscatalyst

Newt : [personal profile] sleepallthewayhome

Archer's Goon
Howard Sykes "Venturus" : [personal profile] futurefarmer

Atomic Robo
ALAN : [personal profile] itwascalculated

The Bad Seed
Rhonda Penmaark : [personal profile] justabadseed

The Bookworm : [personal profile] lamphat
Harley Quinn : [personal profile] crazyclownwoman
Mad Hatter : [personal profile] brokenhatted

Fillmore Press : [personal profile] lobotomizedchaoticevil


Barbara Maitland : [personal profile] hauntedbytheliving

Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum : [personal profile] mothergoose

BioShock: Infinite
Rosalind Lutece : [personal profile] seeskinglear

Carrie White : [personal profile] promfromhell

Circle of Magic
Tris Chandler : [personal profile] braidedlightning

Corner Gas

Brent Leroy : [personal profile] withgreatshirtpowers
Constable Karen Pelly : [personal profile] apneachamp
Wanda Dollard : [personal profile] rhymeswithwit


Death : [personal profile] likescats
Constable Dorfl : [personal profile] ceramicpoliceman
Otto von Chriek : [personal profile] iconographer
Constable Reg Shoe : [personal profile] freshstartclubfounder
Tiffany Aching : [personal profile] witchofthechalk

Belle : [personal profile] strangebookishgirl
Mulan : [personal profile] warriornotprincess

Doctor Who
Ninth Doctor : [personal profile] chosecoward

Dragon Age

Cole : [personal profile] forgottencompassion
The Warden "Mira Tabris" : [personal profile] storiesandknives


Courier Six "Eliza" : [personal profile] mojavewildcard
Joshua Graham "The Burned Man" : [personal profile] baptizedinflame
The Lone Wanderer "Mae" : [personal profile] thelonewanderer
The Lone Wanderer "Hope Irving" : [personal profile] vaultexile

Girl Genius
Agatha Heterodyne : [personal profile] deathraygoboom

Gravity Falls

Dipper Pines : [personal profile] starry_forehead
Bill Cipher : [personal profile] wrongangle


Laurie Strode : [personal profile] thefinalgirl

Hell Girl

Ai Enma : [personal profile] shallbeavenged
bb!Ai Enma : [personal profile] childrenofseven


bb!Cuba : [personal profile] screwucolumbus
Cuba : [personal profile] commie_island
Female!Cuba : [personal profile] cubancompanera
Nova Scotia "Abigail Dumont" : [personal profile] overlyfriendly
Ukraine : [personal profile] motheringnation
Male!Ukraine : [personal profile] bigbrothertoall

Horrible Histories

Bog Hale : [personal profile] butnotforlong

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
AM : [personal profile] letmetellyouaboutmyhate


Blind Al : [personal profile] ruiningyourpranks
Loki : [personal profile] godofmischief
The Silver Surfer : [personal profile] thepowercosmic

Mass Effect

EDI: [personal profile] vipretender
Legion : [personal profile] gestalt_entity
Mordin Solus : [personal profile] pausefor_breath
Commander Rachel Shepard : [personal profile] myfavouritejournalondw

Mass Effect OC
Urdnot Raz : [personal profile] bookdrop

Meryl : [personal profile] formerundeadminion

Johan Liebert : [personal profile] theboytwin
Johan Liebert : [personal profile] talkyoutodeath
bb!Johan Liebert : [personal profile] welcomehomesis

Kermit : [personal profile] rainbowconnects

Seshat : [personal profile] librarydeity

Nancy Drew

Alexei Markovic : [personal profile] awalkingcautionarytale
Nancy Drew : [personal profile] hellodeadend

Pacific Rim
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb : [personal profile] mathistruth

Poison : [personal profile] poisonbychoice

GLaDOS : [personal profile] getsciencedone
Caroline : [personal profile] marriedtoscience
Chell : [personal profile] toomuchtenacity
Mia : [personal profile] littlelunatic

Norman Bates : [personal profile] weallgoalittlemad

Red vs. Blue

Doc : [personal profile] medicnotadoctor
Tex : [personal profile] likeahex

The Ring
Samara Morgan : [personal profile] nenshademon

Roommates/Girls Next Door

Eirk/the Phantom of the Opera : [personal profile] hatesglitter

A Series of Unfortunate Events
Lemony Snicket : [personal profile] mysilenceknot

The Silence of the Lambs

Clarice M. Starling : [personal profile] notfromcharmschool


Babette : [personal profile] bloodandalchemy

Silent Hill

Alessa Gillespie : [personal profile] onlyasacrifice
Cheryl Mason : [personal profile] isthelittlegirl
Dahlia Gillespie : [personal profile] theworstmother
Harry Mason : [personal profile] haveyouseenalittlegirl
Jodie Mason : [personal profile] adoptivemother
Walter Sullivan : [personal profile] completingthesacraments

Star Wars
Jedi Exile "Meetra Surik" : [personal profile] forcedeadspot
Jolee Bindo : [personal profile] crankyoldcoot
Princess Leia Organa : [personal profile] of_alderaan
Padmè Amidala : [personal profile] didnotlosethewilltolive

System Shock

SHODAN : [personal profile] genieofcitadelstation

Teen Titans
Raven : [personal profile] sarcasmandbooks

That Guy With the Glasses

Dr. Insano : [personal profile] he_is_sciencier
Snowflame : [personal profile] dofifty_atthesametime
The Magic Gun "Margaret" : [personal profile] themagicgun

This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Jerry Boyle : [personal profile] mykindofpeople


Meryl Stryfe : [personal profile] derringerous

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego : [personal profile] theladyinred
Ivy : [personal profile] dontcallmesis

X-Ray and Vav
Hilda : [personal profile] kindofagenius

Yu-gi-oh the Abridged Series

Marik Ishtar : [personal profile] lordofthesteves

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