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Katie ([personal profile] themadmaiden) wrote2029-03-15 01:11 pm

Ideas for when Bored/Depressed

TV Shows
Adventure Time
Batman the Animated Series
Gravity Falls
Hell Girl
Horrible Histories
Justice League
Kim Possible
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Over the Garden Wall
Sailor Moon
Spiderman 90's
Steven Universe
Superman the Animated Series
Teen Titans
X-Men 90's and Evolution 

Video Game Walkthrough/Let's Plays

Ace Attorney
Alan Wake
Darkest Dungeon
Far Cry 4
Mark of the Ninja
Murdered: Soul Suspect
Resident Evil
Silent Hill

Piano covers on youtube
 -Silent Hill, Fallout, Steven Universe, horror music, classical music

-musicals, horrible histories, the magnetic fields, Belle and Sebastian

 -jimquestion, the know, rooster teeth, zero punctuation, outsidexbox, jermeyjahns, 

-visulosites meme, fallen london, making rp journals, search for pics on tumblr