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Book Title Puns

I work in a library and sometimes I see a lot of puns in the book titles. Especially with mystery books. I also show them to people and write them down. Here are the book puns I have written down since Dec 27 2016

You have been warned.

-Gilt by Association 
-Plagued by Quilt 
-If Hooks Could Kill
-You Better Knot Die
-Well Read, Then Dead
-Double Booked For Death
-Till Dirt Do Us Part
-Knot Guilty 
-The Book Stops Here 
-From Fear to Eternity 
-Thread on Arrival
-Shadow of a Spout
-Paw and Order

-Paint the Town Dead
-Toast Mortem 
-Fry Me a Liver
-Lost and Fondue
-Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow
-Hiss and Tell
-Snow Way Out
-Borrowed Crime
-Slay it With Flowers 
-Shoe Dunnit
-The Silence of the Llamas
-Sew Far, So Good
-No Nest For the Wicked
-Lord of the Wings
-Kneeding to Die
-Suede to Rest
-Golden Malicious 

-Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine
-Purl Up and Die
-Bran New Death 
-For Cheddar or Worse
-And Then There Were Nuns
-Licence to Dill  
-Farmed and Dangerous 
-Horse of a Different Killer 
-For Better or Worsted

-A Killer Maize
-Crime Rib
-Assault and Pepper
-Books Can Be Deceiving
-You Cannoli Die Once
-Latte Trouble
-It's A Wonderful Knife
-End Me a Tenor 
-Eggescutive Orders
-The Cakes of Wrath
-Dial Om For Murder
-Better Off Thread
-Cheddar off Dead
-Crime Brulee
-Liver Let Die
-Roast Mortem
-Freezer I'll Shoot
-And Then You Dye
-To Be or Not to Brie
-Killing Thyme 

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