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Characters: Rachel Shepard, Tali
Pairing: Female!Shepard/Tali'Zorah
Rating: T
Summary: Sometimes when you babble, the right words come out anyway.

I do not own Mass Effect, some lines taken from game
Notes: Rachel Jane Shepard : Paragon : Colonist : Sole Survivor

And so Kasumi doesn't have to lock anyone in a room )
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Characters: Shepard, Garrus
Pairing: Female!Shepard/Tali'Zorah
Rating: T
Summary: Trying to figure out how to flirt with someone from another species is hard. It’s even harder when you go to your friend for advice.
Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect
Notes: Rachel Jane Shepard : Paragon : Colonist : Sole Survivor : sequel to #26 Secret

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I Remember

Feb. 16th, 2013 08:57 pm
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Characters: Shepard, Ashley, Joker, Tali
Pairing: Female!Shepard/Tali'Zorah
Rating: T
Summary: Shepard meets someone from her past and remembers to take her own advice
Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect
Notes: Rachel Jane Shepard : Paragon : Colonist : Sole Survivor

I regret everything about her backstory )
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/ Sigh

I was very heartbroken to see what Terry Deary had to say about libraries. I know I shouldn't be, he's just one person.... but he was my hero growing up. I started to read his books when I was in grade three and the first one I read was borrowed from a school teacher who'd set up two giant bookshelves in her classroom to let all the kids borrow books from. /So yeah, I didn't buy the first book of his I read, I probably wouldn't have discovered them at all if it hadn't been for that teacher as they were really hard to find in Canada then. 

And I got hooked on his books and they were one of the reasons why I fell in love with history, discovered my own libraries history section and just got me to read every history book I could find. 

And he's saying that libraries aren't important.

Libraries are insanely important, just using me as an example, my entire life was changed by libraries. Some of my strongest memories are in libraries. Libraries lead to me reading more, becoming invested in books, realizing what I wanted to do with my life. 

I took library tech, I've worked in the public library system for over five years now. Libraries are something I'm insanely passionate about, almost as much as books themselves. I will always defend them. 

Libraries are important. Libraries let people who couldn't afford books, to read books. It lets you have a huge collection of books that as long as you bring back, you can read as much as you want. Libraries get people interested in books, they get people interested in authors and people who use libraries buy books. They start other people reading and buying books. 

And also, though it pains the bibliophile in me to say this, my inner librarian has to point out. Libraries aren't just about books. The function of libraries has grown over the years so saying that libraries are outdated because of just one aspect, however important that one aspect is, is just idiotic. 

Libraries are social places, they offer services and programs to people. They act as places of gathering, places for kids to hang out at instead of getting into trouble on the streets. Programs for babies, school groups, seniors, everyone. A library is a community centre. And saying that they're outdated and not needed. That they're hurting the bookstore industry? That's not true at all and quite frankly insulting. Libraries are not a threat to booksellers or authors. Quite the opposite in fact.

Libraries are always in danger of small minded people trying to shut them down, or censer them or just cutting money to them because they don't see the value of them. And that an author himself is doing it now is just even more insane considering how the vast majority supports libraries and understand how important they are. 

Libraries are relevant Mr. Deary. They are important, they are not hurting authors or booksellers and most of all, libraries are good.

And that's all I can say about the subject.

/gets off soapbox
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Portal Sentences GLaDOS/Chell

: Portal
Pairing: GLaDOS/Chell
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: T
Warnings: Run on sentences, AU’s, death threats, run on sentences, punctuation abuse, different AU’s and run on sentences

For science! )
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Housing List

Landlord: Dr. Susan Calvin (Robot Psychiatrist)

GLaDOS : Science Professor 
EDI : Computer Science Professor 

SHODAN : Biology Professor 
ARIA : Political Science Professor 

Legion : Computer Science Assistant Professor 
HAL 9000: Science Professor 

Wheatley: Assistant Professor in Science Department
Bishop : Computer Science Administration 

VIKI: Sociology Professor
SAL 9000: Computer Science Assistant Professor 

AM: History Professor 
AUTO: Assistant Director of Science Department 

Chell : Science Student
Tiffany Aching: Witch / Magical Studies

Harry Mason : Writer
Heather Mason : English student

Dr. Tenma: School Doctor
Lemony Snicket : Librarian

Rincewind : Assistant Librarian
Wanyudo : Janitor 

Death (Sandman) : Guidance Councillor  
Death (Discworld) : Guidance Councillor

Mordin : Science Professor 
Joshua Graham : Religious Professor 

Poison: Writing Student
Meryl : Science Student

Nina Fortner : Law Student 
Eliza : English Student

Ai Enma : Urban Legends/Mythology Student
Lydia Deetz: Photography Student

Slugger : Urban Legends/Mythology Student
Pokey : Science/Computer Science Student

Henry Townshend : Photography Student 
Johan Liebert : Psychology Student 
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Characters: Shepard, Jacob, Miranda, Tali
Pairing: Female!Shepard/Tali'Zorah
Summary: Jacob needs to learn about the proper time and place for telling people about the ship’s A.I
Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect
Notes: Rachel Jane Shepard : Paragon : Colonist : Sole Survivor


Use your brains people )
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Characters: Rachel Shepard, Kasumi
Pairing: Female!Shepard/Tali'Zorah
Summary: Kasumi knows everything that goes on, on the Normandy.
Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect
Notes: Rachel Jane Shepard : Paragon : Colonist : Sole Survivor

In which Kasumi is a great friend ...kinda )
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Pairing: Female!Shepard/Tali'Zorah
Summary: Some dreams you just can’t get out of your head, as much as you try.
Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect
Notes: Rachel Jane Shepard : Paragon : Colonist : Sole Survivor

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Fandom: Mass Effect
Pairing: Female!Shepard/Tali’Zorah
Theme set: Delta
Title: Commanders and Quarians
Rating: T
Warnings: Run on sentences, AU’s, run on sentences, punctuation abuse, different AU’s and run on sentences.

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Jan. 11th, 2013 07:12 pm
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Canon: AU #327
Pairing: Tali/fem!Shep/Garrus
Post Game 3
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Things that represent Guilt

Downcast eyes


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These of course are prone to change of course. So let's go with my favourite things at this moment.

Top Ten Video Games! (That I have played)

And there will be spoilers :D  )
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Currently in New!Mayfield

Ai Enma : [personal profile] shallbeavenged
Carrie : [personal profile] promfromhell
Cuba : [personal profile] commie_island
Death : [personal profile] likescats
GLaDOS : [personal profile] getsciencedone
Harley Quinn : [personal profile] crazyclownwoman
Johan Liebert : [personal profile] theboytwin
Mae/the Lone Wanderer : [personal profile] thelonewanderer
Princess Leia : [personal profile] of_alderaan
Ukraine : [personal profile] motheringnation

Previously in Mayfield : Possibly still there

Agatha Heterodyne : [personal profile] deathraygoboom
Clarice Starling : [personal profile] notfromcharmschool
Harry Mason : [personal profile] haveyouseenalittlegirl
Jolee Bindo : [personal profile] crankyoldcoot
Joshua Graham/The Burned Man : [personal profile] baptizedinflame
Karen Pelly : [personal profile] apneachamp
Lemony Snicket : [personal profile] mysilenceknot
Meryl Stryfe : [personal profile] derringerous
Raven : [personal profile] sarcasmandbooks
Tex : [personal profile] likeahex
Wanda Dollard : [personal profile] rhymeswithwit
Wednesday Addams : [personal profile] childofwoe


Dec. 2nd, 2012 11:18 pm
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So yeah. With Mayfield coming to a close tonight, I thought I should try to get my thoughts in order.

I joined the game a few months after it first started. It wasn't the first role playing game I'd joined. But it was the first non AU game, the first really well organized game I'd been in, as my last game kind of just died. So I was looking for a new game when I came across Mayfield. I don't remember what made me decide to join. I think it might have been the humour, the premise, the not at all Fallout 3 related plot. But I joined with Ai and have been torturing characters there ever since. Katie: Lady of far too many characters.

And roleplaying suddenly became a huge part of my life. Again, I'm not sure how or why, I was just starting college, it seemed like a horribly stupid idea. But I joined and I started to have fun. Playing, discovering new canon's, events, laughing, crying and just meeting new people. 

At this point it's hard for me to remember a time I didn't have a plurk full of online friends that I could talk to whenever. I still can't believe I talk to people everyday. I'm not the greatest when it comes to social things.

I honestly don't know how to say how much Mayfield, and everyone there has meant to me. Having people to talk to when I'm depressed, having people to geek out with about things, to validate my rage at stupid things or get excited about the future. And so many other ways that make it almost impossible for me to not have plurk running somewhere on my computer when I'm online.

The game, the people, everything.

So guys, I just wanted to say thank you. For making my life so much better then it used to be. For being there when I needed someone. And just ...everything.

Thank you so much.

I can't wait to play in other games and continue to talk to you on plurk. 

You are all amazing, I hope you know that. 

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