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I work in a library and sometimes I see a lot of puns in the book titles. Especially with mystery books. I also show them to people and write them down. Here are the book puns I have written down since Dec 27 2016

You have been warned.

-Gilt by Association 
-Plagued by Quilt 
-If Hooks Could Kill
-You Better Knot Die
-Well Read, Then Dead
-Double Booked For Death
-Till Dirt Do Us Part
-Knot Guilty 
-The Book Stops Here 
-From Fear to Eternity 
-Thread on Arrival
-Shadow of a Spout
-Paw and Order

-Paint the Town Dead
-Toast Mortem 
-Fry Me a Liver
-Lost and Fondue
-Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow
-Hiss and Tell
-Snow Way Out
-Borrowed Crime
-Slay it With Flowers 
-Shoe Dunnit
-The Silence of the Llamas
-Sew Far, So Good
-No Nest For the Wicked
-Lord of the Wings
-Kneeding to Die
-Suede to Rest
-Golden Malicious 

-Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine
-Purl Up and Die
-Bran New Death 
-For Cheddar or Worse
-And Then There Were Nuns
-Licence to Dill  
-Farmed and Dangerous 
-Horse of a Different Killer 
-For Better or Worsted

-A Killer Maize
-Crime Rib
-Assault and Pepper
-Books Can Be Deceiving
-You Cannoli Die Once
-Latte Trouble
-It's A Wonderful Knife
-End Me a Tenor 
-Eggescutive Orders
-The Cakes of Wrath
-Dial Om For Murder
-Better Off Thread
-Cheddar off Dead
-Crime Brulee
-Liver Let Die
-Roast Mortem
-Freezer I'll Shoot
-And Then You Dye
-To Be or Not to Brie
-Killing Thyme 
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/ Sigh

I was very heartbroken to see what Terry Deary had to say about libraries. I know I shouldn't be, he's just one person.... but he was my hero growing up. I started to read his books when I was in grade three and the first one I read was borrowed from a school teacher who'd set up two giant bookshelves in her classroom to let all the kids borrow books from. /So yeah, I didn't buy the first book of his I read, I probably wouldn't have discovered them at all if it hadn't been for that teacher as they were really hard to find in Canada then. 

And I got hooked on his books and they were one of the reasons why I fell in love with history, discovered my own libraries history section and just got me to read every history book I could find. 

And he's saying that libraries aren't important.

Libraries are insanely important, just using me as an example, my entire life was changed by libraries. Some of my strongest memories are in libraries. Libraries lead to me reading more, becoming invested in books, realizing what I wanted to do with my life. 

I took library tech, I've worked in the public library system for over five years now. Libraries are something I'm insanely passionate about, almost as much as books themselves. I will always defend them. 

Libraries are important. Libraries let people who couldn't afford books, to read books. It lets you have a huge collection of books that as long as you bring back, you can read as much as you want. Libraries get people interested in books, they get people interested in authors and people who use libraries buy books. They start other people reading and buying books. 

And also, though it pains the bibliophile in me to say this, my inner librarian has to point out. Libraries aren't just about books. The function of libraries has grown over the years so saying that libraries are outdated because of just one aspect, however important that one aspect is, is just idiotic. 

Libraries are social places, they offer services and programs to people. They act as places of gathering, places for kids to hang out at instead of getting into trouble on the streets. Programs for babies, school groups, seniors, everyone. A library is a community centre. And saying that they're outdated and not needed. That they're hurting the bookstore industry? That's not true at all and quite frankly insulting. Libraries are not a threat to booksellers or authors. Quite the opposite in fact.

Libraries are always in danger of small minded people trying to shut them down, or censer them or just cutting money to them because they don't see the value of them. And that an author himself is doing it now is just even more insane considering how the vast majority supports libraries and understand how important they are. 

Libraries are relevant Mr. Deary. They are important, they are not hurting authors or booksellers and most of all, libraries are good.

And that's all I can say about the subject.

/gets off soapbox
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Everyone listen. Listen closely....


We have a Feegle now! I have no words for how happy I am right now.

No words. :)

And I thought there was no way for this game to get any better.

Oh and also the AU Canada that popped up today was me. ( [info]canuckloyalist  )

I couldn't help myself. I had to share the love. ....and by  that I mean the book that still scares me to this day because it's takes place in my hometown. And the Americans bomb us and I'd be there and ah....all the people dead and- **happy thoughts**

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Today's been really busy. I've done so much homework I really don't want to think about it. And I have a presentation tomorrow first thing in the morning. Wonderful, I can't wait.

Work was really crazy too. So busy. I saw the cutest baby though. It was just finished drinking and was just pouting and tired on it's mothers shoulder. It was adorable.

I went to Chapters yesterday and bought the next three volumes of Fruits Basket for my collection as well as the first volume of Deadman Wonderland. It just came out. Now that my shelves are somewhat clean I have more space for manga.  

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I'm just too tired to think about it.

I'm Sorry

Jun. 2nd, 2009 09:45 pm
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I forgot to mention I saw an entertaining book at Chapters yesterday. Apperently Canada is secretly controlling the USA.
Drats, they're on to us Crazy, I know. However it did quote one of the funniest moments of a show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" Which is the best fake news show of all time.

I leave you with this clip and an appology

I'm sorry


Aug. 2nd, 2008 06:33 pm
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I'm fairly certain the in my last life (I indeed I had one) I did something horrible to technology or with it as I'm sure it hates me. Everything that can go wrong with the stuff will happen to me. I just really don't understand how unlucky I am with it. I think though that I misght have some sort of electromegnetical pulse in me. Either that or the whole tech karma thing I mentioned before.

I've figured out the cure for prorasticnation. Avoiding something else. I should be writing my fan fic right now as I havent updated in a week and I have 100 words tops. However here I am, ranting about books and technology. All the while hoping that my brother will leave so I can play Star War Knights of the old Republic. But I digress. I really should be writing. However I just don't feel like it. I need some sort of electric thing to put on my wrist (or ankle) that zaps be when I go off task. That would keep be working....or zap me unconcious but hey, then I'd be able to sleep! So it's win win. Now where can I find one, by mind doesn't seem to deliver to Canada and I can't drive to England.

Well this has gone off topic at an alarming rate. I went on her to rant about the new book I read. The Shadow of the Wind
Very good book, it's character Julian Carax is my favorite. He's like an Erik that writes! Which brings him so much closer to my heart. It's a very well written book and I couldn't put it down. I think it's funny that the character Julian did the same thing with his nativity pieces. Getting the wise men to kidnapp Jesus. I thought I was the only one who did that!

Well dad and I are about to watch the Reaping....I hope. :)

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