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Moments of Roleplaying That I'm Proud of /Want to Remember/Never expected

Harley kidnapping someone with plant magic to make the park into a jungle for Ivy
Johan and the Riddler's encounter after Christmas that ends with a riddle and a dead drone!Child
Johan actually caring about someone other then Anna (Slugger)
Johan choosing a name
Ai getting a boyfriend (Slugger)
Harley breaks up with the Joker
The adventures of Dr. Quinn medical lady/oh god who keeps letting her do this
Ukraine befriending Susan Sto Helit
Death and Death becoming and item
Elizabeth Tudor meets her clone
Ai is befriended by Bugs Bunny who tries to teach her comedy 
Ai and Jane from Twilight and Saki from Fruits Basket becoming like sisters
Cuba, Russia, America, Vietnam and Charles breaking into a plant to destroy it. Charles and the Buthurtinskys
Tiffany Aching and England ...just Tiffany Aching and England. Strangest father ever
Lemony Snicket running into a burning building to vote

Chell punching Wheatley
Chell hitting a sith lord with a shovel
Death and Death getting married because nouns are hard

I'll add more later
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Because I've been having a lot of feels for games recently. I thought I'd make a list and maybe rant about some games. Because I haven't done that for a while. So list of things I love from games.

War, war never changes )
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Brigid Tenenbaum is the best character of BioShock. I don't care what you say. What I love about her is her story. You collect it in audio journals as you run around Rapture, the great underwater city, and it tells about her past in the German prison camps in WWII. Her story arc is awesome. She goes from not caring about anything or anyone but science, as in not caring if anyone dies because as long as you got good data from it, hey science is good. To a mother figure to a large group of little girls she's rescued from being zombie like creatures. It's her fault the girls are like that and she knows it and doesn't try to pretend it's not. She wants to fix her mistakes and that's one of the reasons I love her. 

She's intelligent, pretty much discovering and creating plasmids and ADAM by herself at a young age. She doesn't care what people think  about her. She's dedicated to her work, before and after her moral change. And when she has it, she is good. She's one of the few people in Rapture that cares about someone other then themselves. 

I just wish we could have seen her in the Burial at Sea DLC. It would have been neat to see her stealing away one of the little sisters from a big daddy, because I still can't believe she went around stealing little sisters by herself with no help. She's just too awesome. 

I also love her accent and I want to hug her because she needs hugs. I like to picture her with her little group of young girls following after her, trailing her like a mother hen. Mamma Tenenbaum! 
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These of course are prone to change of course. So let's go with my favourite things at this moment.

Top Ten Video Games! (That I have played)

And there will be spoilers :D  )

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