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Jan. 2nd, 2017 11:19 am
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Current Muses 

Aliens: Newt : [personal profile] sleepallthewayhome
BioShock: Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum : [personal profile] mothergoose
Carrie: Carrie White : [personal profile] promfromhell
Discworld: Death : [personal profile] likescats
Fallout- New Vegas : Courier 6 (Eliza) : [personal profile] mojavewildcard
Hell Girl : Ai Enma : [personal profile] shallbeavenged
Hetalia : Ukraine : [personal profile] motheringnation
Portal : Chell [personal profile] toomuchtenacity
Silent Hill : Harry Mason [personal profile] haveyouseenalittlegirl
Skyrim : Babette [personal profile] bloodandalchemy
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Moments of Roleplaying That I'm Proud of /Want to Remember/Never expected

Harley kidnapping someone with plant magic to make the park into a jungle for Ivy
Johan and the Riddler's encounter after Christmas that ends with a riddle and a dead drone!Child
Johan actually caring about someone other then Anna (Slugger)
Johan choosing a name
Ai getting a boyfriend (Slugger)
Harley breaks up with the Joker
The adventures of Dr. Quinn medical lady/oh god who keeps letting her do this
Ukraine befriending Susan Sto Helit
Death and Death becoming and item
Elizabeth Tudor meets her clone
Ai is befriended by Bugs Bunny who tries to teach her comedy 
Ai and Jane from Twilight and Saki from Fruits Basket becoming like sisters
Cuba, Russia, America, Vietnam and Charles breaking into a plant to destroy it. Charles and the Buthurtinskys
Tiffany Aching and England ...just Tiffany Aching and England. Strangest father ever
Lemony Snicket running into a burning building to vote

Chell punching Wheatley
Chell hitting a sith lord with a shovel
Death and Death getting married because nouns are hard

I'll add more later
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Because with all the people living in my head. (try saying that out loud and still be considered sane), I like to imagine them all having to get along with each other. Some have been in there longer then others. More always move in.

Anyway in no particular order
Rules and Helpful Suggestions for residents of Katie's Headspace

1. Johan and Loki and Bill are not allowed to talk together unless someone with a functioning moral compass is present.
Do not tell the new muses to go to Caboose for help.
Just because you can't permanently die here doesn't mean you should abuse this. Death has better things to be doing with his time.
Do not tell people they are going to end up in Hell.
Lemony Snicket and Johan Liebert are not allowed alone in the same room together.
Anything stolen must be returned by the end of the day. No matter what "explanations" you have for taking the item.
You can not hire Tex to kill someone in your own world.
You can not make a deal with Ai to send people to Hell in your own world.
All forms of mind control is prohibited.
Do not use fellow muses as test subjects without explicit permission.
Mind control, blackmail, or implied acceptance does not count as permission.
"For Science" is not an acceptable excuse for anything.
12. No time travel in the headspace

Dr. Insano is not allowed near the Magic Gun.
You are not allowed to use Raven to try and summon the forces of evil.
15. Sentient cheese is not to be eaten.
16. Do not call the Burned Man a Mummy.
17. Remember there are children present.
18. Silent Hill is not a theme park. Don't go to that world.
19. Don't try to kick people out of the headspace.
20. Do not gang up on original characters.
21. It does not cost money to stay in the headspace.
22. Do not steal the portal gun.
23. Don't hurt the cats.
24. Ruining a movies ending is not punishable by death.
25. Don't hit on people if you don't want to risk pain or death.
26. Stay away from the science labs.
27. Don't take candy from Johan.
28. Or Caboose because he forgets rule 27.
29. Headspace is a neutral ground.
30. A.I group meetings are not a place you should be if you are not an A.I
31. Neurotoxin is not allowed.
32. Bob Hale is not allowed to own a helicopter
33. Don't pick a fight with Cuba about America
34. Do not give Mordin coffee.
35. Do not damage the books or library
36. You can not eat other headspace residents, no matter what they are made of.
37. Don't encourage Snowflame
38. Don't dare Snowflame to do something.
39. Guns are to be only shot in the gun range.
40. Do not steal lightsabers. They are harder to use then they look.
41. Stop going up to Carmen Sandiego and saying you've found her.
42. You can't arrest people in headspace.
43. These people can't vote in Newfoundland, stop asking them for a vote Jerry.
44. Do not let Deathclaws into the headspace
45. Do not go to Doc for medical advice
46. Disguising yourself as your twin sister is against the rules
47. Stop trying to kill the A.I
48. Don't tell Lemony Snicket that Count Olaf is here somewhere. He isn't.
49. Stop using this list as an idea board
50. Don't trust Rhonda.
51. Johan stop giving Rhonda advice.
52. Stop stealing the Mad Hatters copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
53. The Bookworm and Seshat are not allowed to steal peoples books for any reason.
54. Stop trying to make people angry to see the results. It never ends well
55. Clean up any messes you make or are responsible for.
56. Don't sign up to test for Aperture. Just don't.  If you do, then you were warned.
58. Don't bring irradiated things back to the headspace, if you can help it.
59. Don't tell the Burned Man that Caesar is in the headspace. He is not
60. Don't bring up Black Mesa
61. Don't say you work for Black Mesa
62. Stop asking GLaDOS for cake.
63. No...just no
64. Don't tease Norman Bates about his mother
65. Don't try and enable your mun to bring new people in.
66. The mun can not kill people off for real
67. The mun has to follow the rules here as well
67. Writing your own rules is NOT allowed.
68. Don't ask Harry Mason why he's not a woman.
69. You are not allowed to destroy the tv just because your movie is horrible
70. No smoking
71. Don't follow any fire safety tips from the Red team.
72. There are no elections here.
73. You can't take over the world from the headspace.
74. No pranks
75. Buy gold!
75. The mun apologizes for Bill Cipher.
76. Do not make deals with Bill Cipher. 
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Muse List

2001: A Space Odyssey

HAL 9000 | [personal profile] duetohumanerror

Addams Family

Wednesday Addams | [personal profile] childofwoe

Adventure Time

The Lich | [personal profile] beyondstrength

Agatha Christie

Miss. Marple | [personal profile] mindlikeasink

Mr. Harley Quin | [personal profile] mysteriouscatalyst


Rebecca "Newt" Jorden | [personal profile] sleepallthewayhome

Archers Goon

Howard Sykes "Venturus"
| [personal profile] futurefarmer

Atomic Robo

ALAN (Automatic Learning Algorithm Network) | [personal profile] itwascalculated

The Bad Seed

Rhonda Penmark | [personal profile] justabadseed


The Bookworm | [personal profile] lamphat | (Adam West Batman)

Harley Quinn | [personal profile] crazyclownwoman | (Batman Animated Series)

Mad Hatter | [personal profile] brokenhatted | (Nolanverse)


Fillmore Press | [personal profile] lobotomizedchaoticevil


Barbara Maitland
| [personal profile] hauntedbytheliving


Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum | [personal profile] mothergoose

BioShock: Infinite

Rosalind Lutece | [personal profile] seeskinglear


Carrie White | [personal profile] promfromhell

Circle of Magic

Tris Chandler | [personal profile] braidedlightning

Corner Gas

Brent Leroy | [personal profile] withgreatshirtpowers

Constable Karen Pelly | [personal profile] apneachamp

Wanda Dollard | [personal profile] rhymeswithwit


Death | [personal profile] likescats

Contable Dorfl| [personal profile] ceramicpoliceman

Otto von Chriek | [personal profile] iconographer

Constable Reg Shoe | [personal profile] freshstartclubfounder

Tiffany Aching | [personal profile] witchofthechalk


Belle | [personal profile] strangebookishgirl

Mulan | [personal profile] warriornotprincess

Doctor Who

Ninth Doctor
| [personal profile] chosecoward

Dragon Age

Cole | [personal profile] forgottencompassion

The Warden "Mira Tabris" | [personal profile] storiesandknives


Courier 6 "Eliza" | [personal profile] mojavewildcard

Joshua Graham "The Burned Man" | [personal profile] baptizedinflame

The Lone Wanderer "Mae" | [personal profile] thelonewanderer

The Lone Wanderer "Hope Irving" | [personal profile] vaultexile

Girl Genius

Agatha Heterodyne | [personal profile] deathraygoboom

Gravity Falls

Dipper Pines | [personal profile] starry_forehead

Bill Cipher | [personal profile] wrongangle


Laurie Strode | [personal profile] thefinalgirl

Hell Girl

Ai Enma | [personal profile] shallbeavenged

bb!Ai Enma
| [personal profile] childrenofseven


bb!Cuba | [personal profile] screwucolumbus

Cuba | [personal profile] commie_island

Female!Cuba | [personal profile] cubancompanera

Nova Scotia "Abigail Dumont" | [personal profile] overlyfriendly

Ukraine | [personal profile] motheringnation

Male!Ukraine | [personal profile] bigbrothertoall

Horrible Histories

Bob Hale | [personal profile] butnotforlong

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

AM | [personal profile] letmetellyouaboutmyhate


Blind Al | [personal profile] ruiningyourpranks

Loki | [personal profile] godofmischief

Nextwave!Monica Rambeau | [personal profile] sheledtheavengers

The Silver Surfer "Norrin Radd" | [personal profile] thepowercosmic

Mass Effect

Dr.Chakwas | [personal profile] spacemom

EDI | [personal profile] vipretender

Legion | [personal profile] gestalt_entity

Mordin Solus | [personal profile] pausefor_breath

Commander Rachel Shepard | [personal profile] myfavouritejournalondw

Mass Effect OC
Urdnot Raz | [personal profile] bookdrop


Meryl | [personal profile] formerundeadminion


Johan Liebert | [personal profile] theboytwin

Johan Liebert | [personal profile] talkyoutodeath

bb!Johan Liebert | [personal profile] welcomehomesis


Kermit | [personal profile] rainbowconnects


Seshat | [personal profile] librarydeity

Nancy Drew

Alexei Markovic | [personal profile] awalkingcautionarytale

Nancy Drew | [personal profile] hellodeadend

Pacific Rim

Dr. Hermann Gottlieb | [personal profile] mathistruth


Poison | [personal profile] poisonbychoice


GLaDOS | [personal profile] getsciencedone

Caroline | [personal profile] marriedtoscience

Chell | [personal profile] toomuchtenacity

Mia | [personal profile] littlelunatic


Norman Bates | [personal profile] weallgoalittlemad

Red vs. Blue

Doc | [personal profile] medicnotadoctor

Tex | [personal profile] likeahex

The Ring

Samara Morgan | [personal profile] nenshademon

Roommates/Girls Next Door

Erik | The Phantom of the Opera | Opera Ghost | [personal profile] hatesglitter

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket | [personal profile] mysilenceknot

The Silence of the Lambs

Clarice M. Starling | [personal profile] notfromcharmschool


Babette | [personal profile] bloodandalchemy

Silent Hill

Alessa Gillespie | [personal profile] onlyasacrifice

Cheryl Mason | [personal profile] isthelittlegirl

Dahlia Gillespie | [personal profile] theworstmother

Harry Mason | [personal profile] haveyouseenalittlegirl

Jodie Mason | [personal profile] adoptivemother

Walter Sullivan | [personal profile] completingthesacraments

Star Wars

Jedi Exile "Meetra Surik" | [personal profile] forcedeadspot

Jolee Bindo | [personal profile] crankyoldcoot

Princess Leia Organa | [personal profile] of_alderaan

Padmè Amidala | [personal profile] didnotlosethewilltolive

System Shock

| [personal profile] genieofcitadelstation

Teen Titans

Raven | [personal profile] sarcasmandbooks

That Guy With the Glasses

Dr. Insano | [personal profile] he_is_sciencier

Snowflame | [personal profile] dofifty_atthesametime

The Magic Gun "Margaret" | [personal profile] themagicgun

This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Jerry Boyle | [personal profile] mykindofpeople


Meryl Stryfe | [personal profile] derringerous

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego | [personal profile] theladyinred

Ivy | [personal profile] dontcallmesis

X-Ray and Vav

Hilda | [personal profile] kindofagenius

Yu-gi-oh the Abridged Series

Marik Ishtar | [personal profile] lordofthesteves


Sep. 5th, 2010 01:06 am
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Hooray! I got my first real HMD complaint!

[Why yes I am insane thank you for asking]

Anyway. Apparently I've been playing GLaDOS too, safe and bland. Which I can see. She does seem very nice and safe and un-GLaDOS like now that I look at it. ....failure goes to me there.

Anyway....again.  I'm going to play Portal again tomorrow. If I can kick my brother off the x-box I mean. And add more of GLaDOS's thoughts to her posts so people don't think she's really like that as I've been trying to have her trick people into thinking she's normal. Apparently that's working too well?...or at least I'm doing it wrong.

If anyone has any thoughts on how I could improve GLaDOS. Much appreciated.
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Everyone listen. Listen closely....


We have a Feegle now! I have no words for how happy I am right now.

No words. :)

And I thought there was no way for this game to get any better.

Oh and also the AU Canada that popped up today was me. ( [info]canuckloyalist  )

I couldn't help myself. I had to share the love. ....and by  that I mean the book that still scares me to this day because it's takes place in my hometown. And the Americans bomb us and I'd be there and ah....all the people dead and-

.....um... **happy thoughts**


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