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[Error: unknown template qotd]Sorry I don't have a picture, but this year I'm dressing up as the Mad Hatter. :) I won a costume contest too with a group of friends who were other Wonderlandians. It was awesome. :)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I figure to get my mind flowing I might as well start off with this question. Is being a Zombie, considered suffering? The mere fact that they are being forced to act they way they do is a sign. Even if you're doing something that you love it still can be tiresome if you're being forced to do it. And lets remember that Zombies aren't alive per say. If you're talking about the ones from pop culture then no I don't think it would be torture. I think at that time that you're already dead and the person isn't a zombie but that their body is acting of it's own will. This is something of interest as it leads you to the question about whether or not a Zombie has a soul. I don't think that they do, as I believe since they have no personality's and just go around killing and eating that they are not the original human. Thus if the person is killed by a zombie then they are dead and it is their corpse that is reanimated. So they can't be suffering because they're not really alive anymore.

Now if you're talking about the zombies from hati (at least I think that's where they're from) I think there is a greater chance that the people are suffering in that case. This is becuase this is a real event, unlike the previous one. Zombies from there are people who have been poisoned and they are thought dead. Once they come out of the coma they are in it is seen as though they are coming back to life. In this people think that they are rising from the grave and label them zombies. This is much like during the period of time when people were accidently bauried alive and when their graves showed that they had tried to escape they were labled as vampires. The people who managed to wake up and survived often had brain damage and other mental problems. This is why I would say that being a zombie would be considered a suffering for them. I don't know if it is but it seems to reason that out of the two the one that's mind is still there would be the worse off.

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