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Mar. 25th, 2013 03:55 pm
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Someone on plurk showed a picture of a Dragon Age/Mass Effect crossover and mentioned how neat it would be to have the followers meet. I know nothing about Dragon Age but it did remind me of the main two casts that are in my headspace. Because the Red vs. Blue group and the Mass Effect people are both there.

So I was thinking of what would happen if these two groups met:

I appologize in advance )
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Housing List

Landlord: Dr. Susan Calvin (Robot Psychiatrist)

GLaDOS : Science Professor 
EDI : Computer Science Professor 

SHODAN : Biology Professor 
ARIA : Political Science Professor 

Legion : Computer Science Assistant Professor 
HAL 9000: Science Professor 

Wheatley: Assistant Professor in Science Department
Bishop : Computer Science Administration 

VIKI: Sociology Professor
SAL 9000: Computer Science Assistant Professor 

AM: History Professor 
AUTO: Assistant Director of Science Department 

Chell : Science Student
Tiffany Aching: Witch / Magical Studies

Harry Mason : Writer
Heather Mason : English student

Dr. Tenma: School Doctor
Lemony Snicket : Librarian

Rincewind : Assistant Librarian
Wanyudo : Janitor 

Death (Sandman) : Guidance Councillor  
Death (Discworld) : Guidance Councillor

Mordin : Science Professor 
Joshua Graham : Religious Professor 

Poison: Writing Student
Meryl : Science Student

Nina Fortner : Law Student 
Eliza : English Student

Ai Enma : Urban Legends/Mythology Student
Lydia Deetz: Photography Student

Slugger : Urban Legends/Mythology Student
Pokey : Science/Computer Science Student

Henry Townshend : Photography Student 
Johan Liebert : Psychology Student 
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Because with all the people living in my head. (try saying that out loud and still be considered sane), I like to imagine them all having to get along with each other. Some have been in there longer then others. More always move in.

Anyway in no particular order
Rules and Helpful Suggestions for residents of Katie's Headspace

1. Johan and Loki and Bill are not allowed to talk together unless someone with a functioning moral compass is present.
Do not tell the new muses to go to Caboose for help.
Just because you can't permanently die here doesn't mean you should abuse this. Death has better things to be doing with his time.
Do not tell people they are going to end up in Hell.
Lemony Snicket and Johan Liebert are not allowed alone in the same room together.
Anything stolen must be returned by the end of the day. No matter what "explanations" you have for taking the item.
You can not hire Tex to kill someone in your own world.
You can not make a deal with Ai to send people to Hell in your own world.
All forms of mind control is prohibited.
Do not use fellow muses as test subjects without explicit permission.
Mind control, blackmail, or implied acceptance does not count as permission.
"For Science" is not an acceptable excuse for anything.
12. No time travel in the headspace

Dr. Insano is not allowed near the Magic Gun.
You are not allowed to use Raven to try and summon the forces of evil.
15. Sentient cheese is not to be eaten.
16. Do not call the Burned Man a Mummy.
17. Remember there are children present.
18. Silent Hill is not a theme park. Don't go to that world.
19. Don't try to kick people out of the headspace.
20. Do not gang up on original characters.
21. It does not cost money to stay in the headspace.
22. Do not steal the portal gun.
23. Don't hurt the cats.
24. Ruining a movies ending is not punishable by death.
25. Don't hit on people if you don't want to risk pain or death.
26. Stay away from the science labs.
27. Don't take candy from Johan.
28. Or Caboose because he forgets rule 27.
29. Headspace is a neutral ground.
30. A.I group meetings are not a place you should be if you are not an A.I
31. Neurotoxin is not allowed.
32. Bob Hale is not allowed to own a helicopter
33. Don't pick a fight with Cuba about America
34. Do not give Mordin coffee.
35. Do not damage the books or library
36. You can not eat other headspace residents, no matter what they are made of.
37. Don't encourage Snowflame
38. Don't dare Snowflame to do something.
39. Guns are to be only shot in the gun range.
40. Do not steal lightsabers. They are harder to use then they look.
41. Stop going up to Carmen Sandiego and saying you've found her.
42. You can't arrest people in headspace.
43. These people can't vote in Newfoundland, stop asking them for a vote Jerry.
44. Do not let Deathclaws into the headspace
45. Do not go to Doc for medical advice
46. Disguising yourself as your twin sister is against the rules
47. Stop trying to kill the A.I
48. Don't tell Lemony Snicket that Count Olaf is here somewhere. He isn't.
49. Stop using this list as an idea board
50. Don't trust Rhonda.
51. Johan stop giving Rhonda advice.
52. Stop stealing the Mad Hatters copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
53. The Bookworm and Seshat are not allowed to steal peoples books for any reason.
54. Stop trying to make people angry to see the results. It never ends well
55. Clean up any messes you make or are responsible for.
56. Don't sign up to test for Aperture. Just don't.  If you do, then you were warned.
58. Don't bring irradiated things back to the headspace, if you can help it.
59. Don't tell the Burned Man that Caesar is in the headspace. He is not
60. Don't bring up Black Mesa
61. Don't say you work for Black Mesa
62. Stop asking GLaDOS for cake.
63. No...just no
64. Don't tease Norman Bates about his mother
65. Don't try and enable your mun to bring new people in.
66. The mun can not kill people off for real
67. The mun has to follow the rules here as well
67. Writing your own rules is NOT allowed.
68. Don't ask Harry Mason why he's not a woman.
69. You are not allowed to destroy the tv just because your movie is horrible
70. No smoking
71. Don't follow any fire safety tips from the Red team.
72. There are no elections here.
73. You can't take over the world from the headspace.
74. No pranks
75. Buy gold!
75. The mun apologizes for Bill Cipher.
76. Do not make deals with Bill Cipher. 

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