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Title: Blame Stubbornness
Fandom: Portal
Characters: Chell GLaDOS
Prompt: 23 Lovers
Word Count: 3 845
Rating: T
Summary: Trapped in the ruins of Aperture Science, GLaDOS is also trapped in a human body. And now Chell has to deal with a whole other set of worries. Chell/GLaDOS
Disclaimer Valve owns Portal, not me.
Author's Notes: There will be an actual back story to how they got in this mess.

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For some reason I'm absurdly happy with the way this story turned out.

A Team of Two

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Title: Sick
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Alice’s mother, Mad Hatter
Prompt: 019 White
Word Count: 864
Rating: K+
Summary: Alice hated getting sick there was never anything to do

A/N- Alice’s age: 13, Alice-Hatter Friendship.



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Title: Words
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, Dinah (OC), March Hare, the Tweedles
Prompt: 080 Why?
Word Count: 607
Rating: K....(G)
Summary: Dinah learns a new word....

Alice's Age: 25



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Title: Flour, not Flower
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Dinah (OC)
Prompt: 027 Parents
Word Count: 410
Rating: G
Summary: Alice discovers that her daughter is as curious as she was

Alice's Age: 27 

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Title: If It's Not Broken, Don't Fix It.
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare
Prompt: 071 Broken
Word Count: 583
Rating: K (or G for those who are fan fictionally impaired)
Summary: Alice listens to the Mad Hatter and March Hare's new plan.

Alice's Age: 12

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Title: A Sister's Rage
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Erika, Alice's mother and father, mention of Alice
Prompt: 096 Writers Choice (Rage)
Word Count: 463
Rating: T
Summary: A continuation of colourless. Read that first if you want to know what is going on.


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Title: What Is That Noise?
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Mad Hatter, March Hare, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Alice
Prompt: 037 Sound
Word Count: 566
Rating: K (or G for those who are fan fictionally impaired)
Summary: While outside the Hatter, Hare and the Tweedles hear a strange noise.

Alice's Age: 14


It was another typical day in Wonderland and like most days the inhabitants of said world where enjoying the fine weather by spending time outside.

The Tweedles where throwing a ball around with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare out in front of the Hatter's house. Alice had been there earlier but had to go home.

“Why did Alice have to go home?” Tweedledum asked his brother as he caught the ball.

“She said something about a dance recital.” Tweedledee replied, thinking back to what Alice had said.

“I didn't know Alice danced.” The Hatter put in.

“I think it's her sisters.” Tweedledee replied and the Hatter nodded.


The game resumed in some silence for a while. It did until a strange noise broke the relative quiet. It was a high pitched sound but more of a bell then a shrill noise. It soon managed to get everyones attention.


“What is that noise?” Tweedledum looked around trying to see where it was coming from.

“I don't know.” The Hare replied, looking confused as well. “But it sounds like it's coming from the yard.”


The four friends soon had abandoned their game of catch in favor of looking for the source of the noise.


The long table was the first thing to look at, and causing a great deal of mess the Hatter and Hare searched that. In the process most of the tableware was thrown of the table but still they couldn't find the source of the noise. Tweedledee was looking around the edges of the yard with his brother but they did not seem to be making much progress either.


However this soon changed when Tweedledum found something under a chair. He'd glanced over when he was looking on the ground and had noticed something.


“Hey guys I found something.” Picking the strange device up, he held it in the air.

“What is it?” Tweedledee asked as he walked over to his brother.

“I don't know, but whatever it is, it's making that noise.”

“Very strange.” The Hare mused as he had the Hatter walked over.

“How true that is.” The Hatter agreed as they all looked at the small thing in Tweedledum's hand. It had stopped making the noise but they still had no idea what it was.


Their contemplation was broken a moment later as they heard Alice's voice from the gate.

“Oh you found it.” They looked over to see the young girl running over to where they were. “I though I might have left my cell phone here.”

“This is yours?” Tweedledum asked as he passed the...cell phone, whatever that was, to Alice.

“Well it's my sisters.” Alice admitted as she put it in her pocket. “But mom's letting me use it. I can't believe I forgot it here. I have to go now but thanks!” With a wave she ran off out of the yard.


A few minutes passed before, “A cell phone?” The Hare scratched his head. “What's that?”

“It must be a music box of some type.” The Hatter put in trying to think.


“Maybe.” Tweedledee shrugged. “We can ask Alice when she gets back.”


They all agreed and in a few minutes they were back in the middle of their game. Only the remains of a few dishes on the ground were left to show that the game had even stopped in the first place.



A/N- Yes first of all slightly AU as I updated the time period so Alice could have a cell phone. Who was calling? Alice's mother as the girl was late. And why did it even work in Wonderland? It's a strange place there, who am I to say it wouldn't?


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Title: It's Not Moving
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter
Prompt: 010 Years
Word Count: 383
Rating: K
Summary: Alice finds the Mad Hatter tinkering with a strange clock

Alice's age: 12


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Title: Dillusions
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare
Prompt: 040 Sight
Word Count: 625 (aprox)
Rating: K
Summary: Alice wonders if she's seeing things when she see's her freinds in her bedroom

Alice's Age: 12


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Title: Strangeness
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, March Hare
Prompt: 054 Air
Word Count: 1899
Rating: T
Summary: The Mad Hatter is wondering why he's finding it hard to breathe

Alice's Age: 21


Something was wrong in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter realized. Very wrong with Wonderland....or him. He just couldn't figure out what it was though. There seemed to be something wrong with the air here. He was starting to lose his breath at certain times and it was starting to worry him. He wasn't sure what was happening.


The first time it had happened he was playing a game of catch with the Tweedle's, Hare and Alice. He wasn't worried at first when he had a loss of breath. He'd just fallen down on the ground after going after the Frisbee. He figured that he'd gotten the wind knocked out of him when he'd landed. That's why he hadn't really been worried when he'd looked up at everyone laughing and found that he couldn't breathe.

The second time he'd been a little put off. This time he'd been talking to the Walrus about the idea of him creating a hat for the Walruses invisible friend. Alice and the Queen had walked by laughing about something and he'd couldn't breathe. It was short and he'd tried to pass it off as the sun being in his eyes but somehow he knew that wasn't what it was. This was what really started to make him suspicious.

The third time it had happened two weeks later at his own house. He was sitting having a cup of tea while the March Hare was talking to Alice about something. He wasn't sure what it was though. Looking up over his cup of tea he saw Alice smiling and laughing at something Hare had said and again he found for a moment his breath was gone. It was then that he'd realized that something serious was happening. Making some quick excuses he's gotten up from the table and went for a walk away from his confused friends.

He was glad to find that he'd been able to resume breathing normally once he was away from his house. What did this mean? Was he allergic to something, was that what was causing his odd breathing? Not sure what else to do he made his way to the one person in Wonderland that almost everyone went to for advice.



“And I just don't know what's happening!” The Mad Hatter admitted out loud with a sigh. “I think there's something wrong with the air.”

“If there was something wrong with the air....” The Caterpillar drew out his words. “Wouldn't everyone else be affected as well?”

“Oh yah....”

There was a pause.

“So this has happened three times?”

“Yes and it's getting stranger.”


The Hatter paused trying to gather his thoughts....which was always hard for him. “I don't know, it's just that I lose my breath, my mouth goes dry...I feel...kind of nervous...”


The Caterpillar nodded. “In these three times were the same people with you?”

The Hatter thought for a moment. “Well just Hare and wait...Hare wasn't there for the second time.” He nodded to himself. “But that's it...I don't see what..”

“It's quite simple....” The Caterpillar replied but he two was cut off.


“Oh...I know, pick me!” A purring noise was coming from thin air until the Cheshire cat followed it into view.

“Oh what do you want?” The Caterpillar asked sharply, quite annoyed at having been interrupted.

“I know what his problem is!” The Cat grinned widely. “It's so obvious I thought he'd have guessed by now.”

“What?” The Hatter asked

“You're in love.”

The Caterpillar shook his head. He'd peen planning on breaking the news a tad more gently to the hatted man.

The man in question just laughed. “Right...good one in love... That's the funniest thing I've ever heard.”

“Well...I wasn't joking.” The cat replied still grinning. “However if you don't believe me then I suppose I could always just ask Alice what she thinks....Purrrrhaps she'll give me a straight answer.” With that the cat disappeared.


There was a pause before the Hatter looked over at the Caterpillar. “He wouldn't really ask Alice....would he?”

The Caterpillar shrugged. “I couldn't say. However I do advise you to talk to her yourself. It would be for the best.”

The Hatter was quiet for a moment but then spoke up. “Do you think I' love?”

“'s not up to me...the caterpillar replied. “Though she does seem to have taken your breath away. Perhaps she has taken your heart as well.”

The Hatter looked unconvinced but got up off the mushroom he'd been sitting on. “Well, I'll...think about it.” He started on his walk back to his house.


Alice was sipping tea out of a strange teacup as she waited for the Mad Hatter to return. The March Hare had left a little while ago but as Alice really didn't have to be back home for a while she stayed to finish her tea. She was also a little curious about why the Hatter had gone off like he did. He seemed, stranger then usual.

Looking up from her cup of tea she was very surprised to see that the Hatter was sitting at the end of the table now. She hadn't even heard him walk in. He was obviously deep in thought about something as he was never this quiet.

She wasn't sure what was going on so she just took another sip of her drink. She'd never been much of a tea drinker before she'd come here but after years of tea parties she considered it one of her favorite drinks. This had amused a lot of her friends all through high school as most of them were drinking beer by that point. She didn't and she had a suspicion that was why she wasn't invited to many party's.

She looked deep into her drink. It didn't mater though. High school was over now, it didn't matter if she didn't have a date to the dance anymore. That part of her life was over. Which was good too. She though with a sigh, idly stirring a spoon. She'd never liked those things much, true it was fun being with friends but as they'd all gotten themselves paired off she sometimes felt left out at the dances. She just didn't have any luck when it came to boys, much to her mothers dismay. True she'd had a crush on someone when she was in high school but that was ages ago and she was sure she was over that.


She'd better be, she thought to herself with a wry smile looking over at her friend. Honestly of all the clichés. Thinking you liked your best friend, someday she needed to realize that she wasn't living int a tv sitcom.


“Hello Hatter.” She spoke up after a while, deciding to end their silence. “When did you get here?” She wasn't sure why she was pretending she hadn't noticed him but it seemed like the best plan at the moment. She didn't want to say that she hadn't said anything when she saw him because she'd thought he looked like he was thinking.

The Hatter was oblivious to her internal monologue turned towards her. “Alice...”

It seemed that he hadn't realized that she was there either. She shook her head, maybe it wasn't just her then.

“Hello” She waved cheerily and then got up and went to sit next to him. Taking another of the teacups that scattered the table she took a drink. “Where did you go?”


“Oh, here, there, and then back here again.” The Hatter replied vaguely with a wave of his hand. He seemed to be paying a special effort not to look at her.


Alice looked at the hatter suspiciously. “Are you alright?”

“Of course Alice.” The man suddenly turned to look at her. “Why wouldn't I be?”

Alice shrugged slightly. “I don't know.....”

“You don't know then you shouldn't ask, should you?”

Alice rolled her eyes and shook her head. Whatever was on his mind it couldn't be that serious as he was back to making jokes again. “Alright.” She reached for the sugar the same time as the Hatter did and noticed that as their hands brushed he moved back quickly. She didn't make much notice of it as she was pretty much used to the Hatter acting strangely.


The started stirring her drink as her attention was caught again by the Hatter.

“Alice, I think you still have something of mine.”

“Really?” Alice looked over with a small frown. “I thought I returned your cook book.”

There was an odd look in the Hatters eyes as he shook his head. “Nope but I would like it back you know. It's very important.”


Alice hated when he started to get cryptic. “What are you talking about?”

“My breath.” The Hatted man said seriously. “I would like it back please.”


There was a long silence as Alice stared at her hated friend. “What....did you say?”

The man sighed, “I said Alice you stole my breath away.” He looked thoughtful. “Well that and my heart but you can keep that if you want. It hasn't been troubling me it's just my breath.”

Alice wasn't really sure what to say to this. It had sounded like he'd just said.... “I don't have your breath.” She couldn't believe she was having this conversation.


The Hatter looked puzzled for a moment. “That's strange.” He shrugged. “Oh well it's sure to be around here somewhere. “I could have sworn you'd had it though.”

Alice didn't say anything as she wasn't trusting herself to speak. “Are you sure you know what your talking about?”

“Of course not Alice!”

“Of course--” Alice was suddenly cut off as the Hatter leaned over and kissed her.

The kiss lasted a few seconds but it had taken her completely by surprise.


“There.” The Hatter proclaimed with a smile. “Now I have your breath.”

Alice touched her mouth as she looked over at the man. After a few moments she started to laugh.

“Alice...what's so funny? Alice?”


She managed to calm down after a few moments. “That's...” She shook her head. “You can't go around kissing people Hatter.”

The Hatter looked astonished. “Oh course. I know that. But you have my heart and I have your breath so we're even.”

“I have....”Alice didn't say anything for a moment. “”


“He loves you!” The two of them were startled by the purring noise of the Cheshire Cat as he appeared in front of them. “I told you soooo....” He disappeared almost as quickly as he had arrived.

“You....?”Alice looked over at the Hatter who wasn't looking at her. “

“Well...yah...kinda..” The Hatter replied as though he was embarrassed. “I just realized and...”, he looked over at Alice and shrugged slightly. “I don't know.....”


“Well...”Alice started. “I suppose since you told me that I have your heart it's safe to tell you...” She caught his glance on the way up. “You have mine too.”


The Hatter's eyes lit up as she said this. “But then I still have your breath.” He said after a moment of thought.


“Well, then give it back.” And with that Alice leaned up brought her lips to meet his. She'd figure how to explain the whole taking away your breath thing to him later.

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Title: Something to Do
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, Caterpiller
Prompt: 089 Work
Word Count: 1232
Rating: K (G in movie land)
Summary: Alice is bored one summer day
Alice's age: 13

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Title: Christmas Time: Part One
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen, White Rabbit, Hare, Tweedles,
Prompt: 092 Christmas
Word Count: 1790
Rating: K (Otherwise known as G)
Summary: Alice spends Christmas in Wonderland for the first time
Alice's age: 13

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Title: A Birthday Gift
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Aunt Sophie
Prompt: 017 Brown
Word Count: 555
Rating: G
Summary: Alice's aunt Sophie comes for a vist

Alice's age: 16


A Birthday Gift

It was another birthday come and gone. Nothing really special. She'd had a quiet night watching movies with a few friends and afterwards they had cake. Not a big event by anyone's standards but Alice enjoyed herself.

The very next day her aunt Sophie stopped by. Sophie was an unusual woman to say the least. Over the years she had given Alice some extremely strange gifts. Including a book written in French, a silver comb and a stand-up mirror. While this mirror seemed normal at first it had lead Alice to discover a world behind it. A world called Wonderland.

She didn't know if her aunt knew about the world. She hadn't seen her in years.


When Aunt Sophie arrived Alice was waiting by the door to see her. Her older sister and younger brother had traveled to the airport to pick her up and there hadn't been enough room for Alice.

Sophie was wearing a long grey skirt and a brown peasants blouse. Her long brown hair was tied up in a messy bun and she had round glasses making her eyes look owlish. She was just as Alice had remembered her.

“Alice, Happy birthday dear!” Sophie exclaimed and hugged her niece fondly. “I know it's late but I have a gift for you later.”

Alice smiled. “Thanks, it's nice to see you Aunt Sophie.”


The rest of the day the family spent getting Aunt Sophie settled. She was only staying for a week but she was Alice's mother's sister and was staying at their house. When everything had been settled away Alice was in her room finishing some of the homework she had to finish for the next week.

With a knock on the door her aunt entered.

“Hello dear, I thought I'd give you your present now.”

Alice smiled and put her books away. “Sure.”

Her aunt went over and sat next to her. “I see you still have the mirror I sent you.”

Alice paused as she took the gift that her aunt had just passed to her. She was tempted to ask if she knew about Wonderland but what would she say if she didn't. It was too big of a risk.

Opening the package Alice discovered a small brown box with a strange carving on it.

“Wow.” She gasped looking at it. “That's neat.”

“I thought you'd like it.” Her aunt smiled. “And if you open the lid it plays a lullaby.”

Alice opened the lid and listened intently to the melody. It was rather haunting.

“It's...beautiful. Where did you get it?”

“Spain. See the design on the top. It's the symbol of a labyrinth. I saw one there. Remind me to tell you this story some one told me about it sometime.”

“Sure.” Alice said still looking at the box.

“I'll see at dinner then.” Her aunt replied getting off the bed and walking over to the door. Before she left though she stuck her head back into the room. “Oh and say hi to the Queen for me the next time you're in Wonderland.”

And with that she was gone, the last thing Alice saw was her aunts brown hair in the doorway when she'd looked up sharply.

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Title: Insanity
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice
Prompt: 020 Colourless
Word Count: 2457
Rating: M (Mature)
Summary: Alice's life starts to go down hill and her sanity is questioned. Dark


Alice looked around her in disbelief, she was in Wonderland but yet she wasn't. Everything looked the same but yet at the same time it looked completely different. There was no colour anywhere, everything was colourless. Alice blinked her eyes and looked around again but it didn't matter. Something had happened to Wonderland but what? She didn't know but she needed to find out. Running all the way she went to look for her friends.

As she reached the Mad Hatters house she saw that everything was still the same bland colourless tinge. She ran over to the gate as she saw her two friends sitting with their back to her at the table.
“Mr. Hatter, Mr. Hare!” She called out, just as she had when she was little. When the turned towards her however she gasped. They were the same colour of the surroundings and their faces were unemotional.
“What happened...” Alice asked tears in her eyes. “What's happened to Wonderland.”
The Hatter shook his head slowly. “Alice.” He said in a calm emotionless voice. “Haven't you realized yet? We're not real. This is all in your head.”
Alice started backing up, tears running down her face. “That's not true, this is real. It is.”

The Hare shook his head as well and he and the Hatter got up. “Good bye Alice.” Before her very eyes he started to vanish into thin air, much as the Cheshire cat often did.
“No!” She screamed as both her friends vanished. “No, you are real! You are real...”She fell to her knee's sobbing. “I'm not crazy, I'm NOT!!”

“I'm not!” Alice thrashed in her bed pulling covers every which way as though trying to grab onto her friends but not quite being able to reach them. Shooting up out of bed she looked around her surroundings, tears streaming down her eyes. She heard footsteps running down the corridor towards her room and she looked around franticly. She did the first thing she could think of doing at a time like this. She ran to her mirror, only to discover it was solid glass. With a howl of despair Alice beat her fists against the mirror. The force of her blows soon cracked the glass and produced large deep cuts on her arms. She paid no head to this though as she wailed in utter horror.
Within a moment her door was burst open and four orderlies came running into the room.
“We need medical assistance.” One of them barked to the other one. “Code blue.”
The other two nurses rushed over to Alice and tried to pull her away from the mirror. She fought them tooth and nail as though she were a small child again but it did no use.
“We need a sedative.” Someone called out. “Someone get me a ---” The voices were muffled as something clamped down in Alice's arm. Her arms were still bleeding and she was still crying but she had given up the fight. Instead she let herself fall victim to the sedative that was now coursing through her veins. As she thought back what had lead her to be installed in this horribly asylum.

- -- - --

When you go to Wonderland one of the very first things you notice is how much brighter it is then the normal world. It's a world filled with colour and joy. Every one in it is friendly and polite, not at all like the real world. Perhaps this is why Alice liked it there so much. Perhaps this is the reason that as time went on she started spending more and more time there. Or maybe she just would have gone anywhere to escape what was quickly becoming an unbearable reality.
When she was fifteen Alice made the mistake of sticking up for one of her quieter friends in her school when the other kids were picking on her. Though this one friend appreciated this the other girls soon turned on Alice as well. They began to make her life at school a living nightmare and after the other girl moved away Alice was the only one left to bare the brute of the girl's attacks.
It had started with rumors and had escalated to the point that Alice was afraid to walk home from school by herself. People had thrown eggs at her and some of the braver ones had thrown garbage. Every time she walked down the halls she could hear the whispered names she was being called.

They dug into her skin like splinters, always there. The noise was a buzzing hum that was constantly present in the darkness that had become her life.

The only ray of sunshine in her life at that point was Wonderland. It was the one place she could escape to, the only place she could feel truly safe. As time passed she spent more and more time there. Though her friends were starting to get suspicious why she was there a lot more often they never said anything. They just were happy to see her, causing Alice more reason to avoid going home.

It was getting to a point though that her parents were starting to wonder where their daughter kept vanishing to. They confronted her about it but she only responded vaguely that she'd been “around” or “with friends”. Though they tried to get more out of her nothing worked. They were starting to wonder about their daughters sanity as well. Often when they could see her, she stayed hidden in her room. If you looked in you'd either having long quiet chats with her cat Dinah or reading a fairy tale. One the rare occasion she came out of her room she could be heard muttering what could have been poems under her breath.
This would probably be when the visits to the psychiatrist started.

She didn't want to go and she made this quite clear. The very first day that she was supposed to go, she skipped school and hid in Wonderland all day, not going home until well after her parents would be asleep. Because she didn't want to tell her friends what was going on she was forced to hide in Wonderland. This wasn't too bad though as she had found a cave one day when she was out exploring and she set up base there whenever she needed to hide.

Her parents hadn't been pleased with her disappearance and she'd been grounded for a week. She almost laughed at this, there was no where she wanted to go that she couldn't get to from her room.

When she turned sixteen the school seemed to turn even more against her. The teasing started to turn into getting tripped in the hallway's. Alice was living on the edge and even her friends were worried about her. As the questions kept coming and she couldn't explain anything Alice was starting to feel as though she were going mad.
She couldn't sleep and she was starting to become unhealthily skinny. Dark circles from the lack of sleep ringed her eyes and her skin was a pale, grey unhealthy colour. When ever she was asked if she was alright she merely responded in one or two word answers and then tried to change the subject. The added stress of trying to act normal for her friends was starting to get to her as well and it wasn't long before she was saying things at home that she shouldn't have.

When asked where she had been she answered quite truthfully. “I was having tea with the Mad Hatter.” or perhaps. “I was playing a game of catch with Dee and Dum.” Her doctor was convinced that she was suffering from delusions. Her family became really concerned when she arrived home one day with a note from her teachers saying that she had been suspended. She had been suspended because instead of doing her work in classes she had just sat there staring off into space or hiding in the library.
When asked why by her parents Alice just looked at them calmly and asked. “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

She had learned something and that was that people rarely knew how to reply to nonsense and so she used that to her advantage. It had taken her years but all the times her parents had heard her muttering things she was mesmerizing poems and things to say to people to make them leave her alone. It worked at school, she was considered the crazy one. Aside from the constant whispering that was always present, when she turned seventeen most people avoided her.

The only people who didn't were the ones who continued to make her life miserable. This small group of people seemed to have a sort of bet on how long it would take before she snapped, though some of them claimed she'd already had. Alice however hadn't but she was hanging by a thread, she lived for the small moments she could go to Wonderland and just sit quietly with people who loved her.

The last straw came in the fall of her final year at school. It was a cold day and Alice was walking home from latest trip to the psychiatrist. Her pace was quick because she was planning on getting home and getting food quickly before her parents could corner her. However this all changed when she saw the sight waiting outside her house.

It was Dinah, hanging from a tree. With a note beside him that read. Where's pussy now Alice?
Tears blurred her vision as Alice stared at the still body of her beloved pet. She heard muffled laughter coming from the bush's and she turned, eyes wild, to see the group of kids from school.
“Hey crazy.” One of them yelled at her. “What'cha gonna do now, you don't go no friends no more.” He rubbed his eyes in an exaggerated mocking way. “Oh boo hoo hoo, little kitty cat's gone.”

Not even thinking what she was doing Alice rushed towards the group of teens. She didn't care that half of them were larger then her. All she wanted to do was get revenge for the last friend she had, had in the real world. She didn't realize that she had been hit until her vision went dark. It was after that that she had woken up in this prison.

The asylum was as colourless as anything could be and she was trapped there. She was considered to be a danger to herself and others and suffering from delusions. The teens who had tormented her for so long had gotten off with a warning and some community service while Alice was locked away, for her own good.

Alice slowly stared to come to after the drug had worn off. She looked over to see bandages on her arms and wrists. Slowly she looked around to find herself back in her horrid white room. The mirror was gone from her room though, leaving it bare except for a table with a lamp on it and a dresser.
At that moment the door opened the doctor assigned to Alice's case walked into the room. She was wearing a colourless shirt and pants. Her hair was blonde and pulled into a tight bun on the end of head.

“Hello, Alice. And how are we feeling today?” Alice almost sighed, she had forgotten how annoying this woman was. She stayed silent, picking quietly at the bandages on her wrists.
“Still silent?” Dear God that woman was still smiling. “So why don't you tell me what happened earlier today Alice..?”

Alice stared at her arms, not looking up at the doctor.

“I had a nightmare.” She said simply, hoping this would be enough.
“Well that's interesting.” The doctor said taking out a notepad and sitting down on the folding chair she had brought with her. “Tell me about your dream Alice.”
“No thank you.” Alice replied in a sullen voice.
“I'm sure it would do good to get it off your chest. Why don't you tell me about it.”
“I don't want to.” Alice replied and in truth she didn't.
“Well I think it would be a good idea, in fact we're going to sit here until you do tell me.”

Alice sighed and went back to staring at her arms. This could last forever, as annoying as the doctor was, she certainly was stubborn.

It took twenty five minutes for Alice to reply.

“I had a dream where....” She started and the woman looked up at her eagerly.
“Yes, what happened dear.”
“I went to Wonderland.” Alice said, not seeing the frown on the woman's face as she scribbled her words down. “But everything was different. There colour.”
“No colour?” The woman questioned and Alice nodded blankly.
“My friends where there but then they vanished....” She trailed off and stared back at her hands.”

“I see.” The woman said, checking over her notes. And this made you so angry that you attacked your mirror?”
“I was trying to get there.” Alice said quietly. “I thought I was home....” A tear dripped down her face. “I just want to go home.”

“And you will.” The woman said in what should have been a reassuring tone. “We just have to make sure you're all better before you leave. For instance, your dream indicates that you are starting to come to terms with the fact that Wonderland is not real.”
“But it is!” Alice exclaimed looking up for the first time since the woman had sat next to her.
“Alice.” The woman said patting her lightly on the shoulder. “I know what happened was awful and believe me I think those people should have gotten a better punishment but you can't hide behind this illusion for the rest of your life.”

But by that time, the drugs had worn of Alice and her common sense was back. She didn't respond.
“Alice, would you like a book or something to occupy you?”
Alice glanced over at the walls.... “Could I have some paper and something to draw with?” She asked in a slightly hopeful voice. “Maybe some paints?”
“Of course dear.” The woman smiled, glad there was something she could do to help. “Now why don't you just have a little rest while I go and see what I can find for you.

Alice nodded and then went back staring at the colourless walls. If she was going to be trapped here the least thing she could do was to put some colour on them. She smiled slightly and then went back to staring at the celling humming a song.
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Title: A Colour Sale, part 2
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Queen of Hearts, Dee and Dum, the Walrus, White Rabbit
Prompt: 011 Red
Word Count: 1526
Rating: G
Summary: Part two of the colour sale.

A/N- Alice's age: 15, 
Connected to prompt #12, Orange, so it may make more sense if you read that one first.


It was another wonderful day in Wonderland and everyone was standing in front of the Queen's palace setting up tables.

The Queen stepped out of her palace regally while the White Rabbit tried to get everyone's attention.

“Excuse me, excuse me.” No one could hear him over the noise that was being made.

“Listen up!!” The Queen yelled. Her voice was loud enough to get everyone's attention and soon everyone was standing quietly.

“That's much better.” The Queen remarked. “Now, I know you are all here to get ready for tomorrow's colour sale so I just thought I should tell you what the first colour is going to be.” She started to open a sealed envelope.

“What's she talking about?” Alice whispered to the Mad Hatter.

“Oh in a colour sale we sell one colour per day. The Queen gets to decide what order we go in.” The Hatter replied.

“Not that's it's going to be much of a surprise.” Dee remarked. “We always have the same colour first every time we do this.”

“Really?” Alice asked in surprise. “Which one?”

“Red.” Everyone replied.

“And the colour will” The Queen smiled sweetly. “Oh, what a surprise. Now I'll let you all get back to setting up.”

As she left the room everyone went back to work. “Is red always first?” Alice asked as she and the March Hare spread a table cloth on their table.

“Always.” Dum said from the other side of the yard carrying a box.

“It is her majesty's favorite.” His brother put in, from the other side of the box.

“She always picks it first.”

“Oh,” Alice said, that didn't seem very fair to her but she couldn't say she was very surprised. “What do we have that's red?” She asked the Mad Hatter, who looked down at her.

“Oh, it's a surprise. You're going to have to wait for tomorrow.”



The next day Alice arrived bright and early in front of the Hatter's house. The March Hare was already there and sitting at the tea table.

“Alice!” He exclaimed when he saw her.

“Hello Mr. Hare.” Alice said pleasantly as she let herself in the gate. “Where' s Mr. Hatter?”

“In the house but Alice where's your apron?”

Alice looked over, her eyebrow's raised. “What apron?”

“Why the official colour sale, colour apron.” The Hatter said as he walked out of his house.

“Yes,” the March Hare said as he put stood up reveling a bright red apron. “Every one has to wear one of the colour that's being sold.”

“Oh, dear.” Alice fretted. “I don't have one of those.”

“Not to worry.” The Mad Hatter replied. “I made you one last night.” He handed Alice over a smaller red apron.”

“Oh thank you Mr. Hatter.” Alice said with a smile.

“It was a piece of cake.” The Mad Hatter said with a wave of his hand.

“Are you sure?” The March Hare asked. “It looks more like an apron to me.”

-- --

It was around noon when everyone was set up for the colour sale.

“What a lovely first day for the sale.” The Queen said smiling. “And my favorite colour too. Isn't that such a coincidence?”

“Oh course, your majesty.” The White Rabbit said standing next to her in a flat voice. “Are you ready to get started?”

“Oh course Rabbit, now let's go see what they've come up with this year.

Walking out into the yard in front of the palace she first stopped in front of the table where the Walrus was standing.

“Hello, Walrus.” She said with a smile. “Now what delightful red thing do you have for me this fine day.”

“Only the best.” The Walrus said holding up a finger. “Pinniped and I had quite a time locating this object.”

“Wonderful.” The Queen, clasped her hands together. “Let's see it.”

The Walrus took the towel off the object with a flourish.

“Why there's nothing there.” The Queen said in amazement as she looked at the empty table.

“Of course there is.” The Walrus replied. “It's a red pen....”

“Do you see it?” The Queen whispered to the White Rabbit, who gulped.

“I can't say that I can your majesty.”

“It's been in Pinniped's family for years.” The Walrus continued.

“That explains it.” The White Rabbit said quietly and the Queen nodded.

“Let's go see what the Tweedle's are selling.

-- -- --

“Hello your majesty.” Dee said when he saw the Queen walking over. “Care to buy something Red?”

“I'll make up my mind when I see it.” The Queen replied. “Now where is it.”

The Tweedle's looked at each other awkwardly before pulling the cover off of a plant and reveled some bright red roses.

“Why are those rose's dripping?” The Queen asked as she looked at them closely.

“Well.” Dum started,

“You see.” Dee continued.

“We accidentally got white roses.”

“But we didn't realize that until we got them here.”

“So we kinda....”

“Painted them red.”

“Well it was a nice try but just the same you shouldn't paint flowers, it's bad for them.” The Queen said wiping the paint off her finger.

“Yes your majesty.” “Sorry your majesty.”

--- ---

“Well who's next?” The Queen asked the White Rabbit.

“Why that would be the Mad Hatter and the March Hare your majesty.”

“Hopefully they have something good.” The Queen said with a sniff. “So far I haven't bought a single thing.”

“Yes, well I'm sure you'll find something soon.”

“I'd better.”

The Queen and White Rabbit walked over to the table where the March Hare and Mad Hatter were sitting with Alice.

“Oh, hello Alice.” The Queen said when she saw her there. “I didn't know you were in this.”

“I'm helping Mr. Hatter and Mr. Hare.” Alice said with a smile.

“Wonderful. Now what do you have that's red.”

“Your majesty.” The Mad Hatter exclaimed. “I think the better question would be what don't we have that is Red.”

“Your hat.” The March Hare pointed out, completely serious. And the table's brown.....”

“Never mind Hare.” The Mad Hatter said with a shake of his head. “Just show the Queen what we have, won't you?”

“Of course.” The Hare replied and he pulled out something from behind his back. “Your majesty you will never guess what is in this box.”

“I don't intend to.” The Queen said, starting to lose her temper. “Just show me what you have to sell.”

“All-righty.” The Hare replied as he slowly opened the box lid. “Drum roll please.”

“Hare!” The Queen exclaimed and the Hare quickly opened the box reveling a large red ball.

“It's a beach ball!” The Queen exclaimed.

“Of course not.” The Hare said in indignation. “It's a red ball.”

“Well I'll take it.” The Queen said as she looked over at the White Rabbit. “It's the only good thing I've seen yet. How much is it?” She asked the Hatter.

“For you, your majesty. 8 Wobucks.”

“Rabbit.” The Queen demanded. “Pay them.”

“Of course your majesty.”

“And here you go.” The Mad Hatter said after the White Rabbit had passed the money to Alice. “One red ball, just for you.”

“Excellent.” She held the ball up in her hands. “The first purchase has been made. I now officially open this colour sale.”

Everyone clapped respectfully and then started to look around themselves.


“Well did you get anything Alice?” The Mad Hatter asked as they packed up for the day.

“No,” Alice said with a shake of her head.

“Why not?” The March Hare asked. “There was a lot of neat stuff, I bought myself this red pen.” He held up an empty palm.

“Where is it Mr. Hare?” Alice asked looking at his hand in confusion.

“Well it was right here a second ago.” The March Hare said, scratching his head as he looked at his empty palm. He snapped his fingers. “I must have left it at the Walrus's table.”

As he walked off the Mad Hatter just shook his head but turned back to Alice. “So wasn't there anything here you liked?”

“There were some interesting things.” Alice said thinking back, then shrugged. “But I don't have any money.”

“Alice you should have said something.” The Mad Hatter exclaimed. “We would have lent you some money.”

Alice shook her head. “It's fine, I don't use the same sort of money that you use here anyway.”

“Oh,” The Mad Hatter said a little awkwardly. “Well, why don't you take these flowers then.”

He held out the flowers he'd gotten from the Tweedle's.

“They're yours.” Alice protested.

“Nonsense. Everyone should have something to show from their first colour sale. I've been to lot's of them before.” He continued to hold the plant out and after a moment Alice took it.

“Okay then. Thank you Mr. Hatter.”

“Not a problem Alice.” The Mad Hatter said with a smile on his face. “Now let's go see if the Hare's found his pen yet.”


When she returned home that day, Alice placed the now dry flowers on her desk. They were rather pretty in an odd sort of way. Just like Wonderland, she thought with a smile.

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Title: Florida
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, her mother
Prompt: 007 Days
Word Count: 387
Rating: G
Summary: Alice wonders when they can go home
A/N- Alice's age: 16
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
“When are we going home Mother?” Alice asked with a sigh as she glanced out the window of the hotel they were staying in.
“Not for a few more day's Alice.” Her mother replied as she picked up her sunglasses off the bed. “I'm surprised at you. Most girl's your age would love to be in Florida for spring break. I thought you'd be wanting to stay for your entire vacation, not trying to get us to leave early.”

Alice sighed, that's because unlike most girl's her age she had been planning to spend most of the break in Wonderland. Since there wasn't any school she would be able to spend more of her time there. She was going to play games with Tweedledee and Tweedledum, drink tea with the Hatter and the Hare, go shopping with the Queen and lot's of other things. Unfortunately her parents had announced the trip as a surprise and Alice hadn't even gotten a spare moment to go to Wonderland to tell her friends that she would be gone. She hoped they didn't think that she had just abandoned them.

“Your brother and sister are down in the pool Alice. Why don't you come down with me?”
“I think I'd rather stay here if it's all the same.” Alice said with a sigh.
“Alright, ” Her mother replied “but remember. You have to come with us tomorrow when we go to Disney World.”
“I know.” Alice said trying to look happy about it.
“Oh don't be sad dear.” Her mother said squeezing her daughter on the shoulder. “I know you don't like going to beaches like your brother and sister do. But I know you'll love Disney World, they say it's like some sort of....Wonderland.”

Alice nodded as her mother left the room, and she shook her head sadly at the mirror that was hanging on the wall of the bathroom. She already had her own Wonderland, she didn't need another one.

Glancing down at the calender in her hands she noted the four day's they still had left. She let out a long sigh, she had never realized how long days could actually be.
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Title: A Picnic
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter
Prompt: 038
Word Count: 629
Rating: PG
Summary: A sunny day

A/N- Alice's age: 22

A Picnic

It was particularly bright and and sunny day in Wonderland and on a green hill there was a picnic basket and blanket set up. Dee and Dum were playing a game of catch down at the river out of sight of the blanket. The March Hare and White Rabbit were there as well. The Queen couldn't make it to the picnic but she had allowed to the White Rabbit to go even though she couldn't.

Both Alice and the Mad Hatter had opted out of the ball game. They were both sitting in the sun on the picnic blanket. Alice had fallen asleep after a while and was laying there peacefully on her back breathing slowly.

The Mad Hatter however was wide awake. He was laying on his stomach, his head propped up in his hands and watching Alice sleep. She was close to him, close enough that if he felt so inclined he could reach out and touch the side of her face. He didn't of course, it would be extremely awkward if Alice woke to find her friend doing something like running his fingers through her hair.

Which, unfortunately for him, was what he was itching to do. It had hit him only a few short months ago that he had started seeing his friend in more then a friendly manner. Yet it had seemed like a lifetime ago. Watching her sleep, with her face bathed in the suns light he thought she looked beautiful. Perhaps if he just touched the tip pf her hair.....

-- -- ---

As Alice pulled her consciousness out of the slight doze she'd been in, she was acutely aware of a strange sensation. She kept her eyes closed and continued to lay as though she were still asleep. The sensation, though odd, was not unpleasant and Alice was quite comfortable. After a moments thought she realized what it was. Someone was running their fingers through her hair.

Alice tried to concentrate hard to see if she could hear anything to identify the person. She could hear the far off laughter of the Tweedle's and the shouting of the March Hare. It couldn't be the White Rabbit because she would have heard him come over as he was wearing his Rollerblades.

Alice almost froze when she heard a faint sound. It was someone humming and she found she could easily place it. That didn't answer her main question though. Why, was the Mad Hatter running his fingers through her hair? She supposed she could ask him but that would be extremely embarrassing as she was sure he thought she was still asleep. So Alice continued to lay there. The rays of the sun warming her face and gentle feeling of fingers running through her hair.

After a moment Alice felt something soft brush her cheek. It had the texture of a glove. At that same moment she heard some noises in back ground.

“I hope they didn't it eat all the food.” It was Dee and the others coming back from the river.

Her eyes snapped open and she pretended she was just waking up. When she looked over at the Mad Hatter he was laying on his back, hands under his head, as though he had always been like that.

“Have a good sleep Alice?” He asked in a friendly voice getting up, causing Alice to smile. She had, but she wasn't going to tell him the reason she'd enjoyed it so much. “It was alright.” She looked around her. “We should get the food set out I think I heard everyone coming.”

The Mad Hatter nodded and started to help her get the food out and if they're hands seemed to brush each other a little more then usual, then that was just chance.......


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Title: A Chat
Fandom: Adventures in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, her mother
Prompt: 057 Lunch
Word Count: 491
Rating: PG
Summary: Alice talks to her mother
A/N- Alice's age: 24

A Chat

“So, Alice.” Her mother said in a firm tone as she took a bite of a sandwich. “I hear you have a boyfriend.”

Alice had just taken a drink of juice at the moment but at her mothers tone she started choking.
“What?” She managed to get out after a few minutes of coughing.
“Your sister tells me she saw you taking a walk with a young man in the park yesterday.” Her mother looked over at her with a raised eyebrow. “Just when were you planning on telling the rest of your family this?”

Alice eyes were wide in shock. “I don't know what you're talking about.”
“Don't play dumb with me young lady. I'm your mother I'm allowed to know these things.”

Alice held up her hand's as a sign of defeat. “Mother I think you're a little mixed up. I was walking in the park yesterday but I was only walking with a friend of mine.”
“Really.” Her mother said looking at her suspiciously. “Who is this friend then?”
“Mother I'm old enough to have friends without you knowing them.”
“I'm your mother, who is he?”

Alice took another bite of her sandwich as a delay tactic. How on earth could she tell her mother that her friends name was the Mad Hatter?
“He's a friend from school.” She said after she had finished her sandwich, saying the first thing that popped into her head.
Her mother didn't look convinced. “Really, I think I would know them then.”
Alice shook her head quickly. “No I met him in university, he was a drama student.”
“Really?” Her mother said again, though not as skeptically this time.
“Yes, he's a really good actor actually.”
“And his name is....?” Her mother prodded and Alice had to stop herself from rolling her eyes, she had been hoping her mother would drop that point.
“Hatter.” She burst out and her mother gave her an odd look.
“What did you say dear?”
“Hatter, his name is Hatter.”
“I assume you mean his last name.” Her mother replied stirring her cup of coffee thoughtfully. “Oh, is he one of those eccentric types of actors?”
“You could say that.” Alice replied breathing a sigh of relief. The Mad Hatter was eccentric so it wasn't totally a lie.
“Well.” Her mother said picking up both her and Alice's plate. “That was a lovely lunch Alice, next time bring your boyfriend so I can meet him.” She walked over to the kitchen sink while Alice stared after her.

“He's not my boyfriend.” She called out, after a moment.
“Of course not dear.” He mother said sweetly from the sink. “My mistake, bring your friend to met me next time.” Her tone however made it clear that she didn't really believe her daughter. 
Alice dropped her head on the table and sighed, somehow she didn't think she was going to hear the end of this one for a while. 

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The Mirror
Characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare (General Series)
Prompt: #001  Beginnings
Rating: G
Word Count: 1711

Summary: Alice receives a mirror as a present and discovers it takes her to a strange land.  


Read more... )

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